Dr. Livingston's Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle: The Human Brain

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    Assemble the human brain at 500% magnification! Each piece is custom cut, making for a unique puzzle to put together. Featuring accurate medical science and human anatomy, this puzzle helps highlight the complexities of our bodies and what makes us up.

    In this volume, you’ll assemble an accurate cross-cut section of the head that gives you a detailed interior view from corpus callosum to spinal cord.

    Focusing on the hub of our central nervous system, this puzzle uncovers the astounding organ that gives rise to our inner experience and takes in sensory data. See the cerebrum that enables us to reason, the cerebellum that allows us to explore the world, and the brain stem that tells our hearts to beat. Trace the brain’s lobes and hemispheres; locate its deep structures and encasing bones. Track the woven nerves from which we perceive our surroundings, the blood vessels that keep us nourished, and the protective tissues that keep our brains intact.

    Material: Cardboard, Die-Cut to Highlight Real Anatomy
    Pieces: 662
    Set 2 of 5 in the Dr. Livingston Series

    Illustrated by Mesa Schumacher, a Certified Medical Illustrator from Johns Hopkins University. 

    - $54.99

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